Charley Hutton

According to his personal website: “Charley Hutton is one of the most talented automotive painters and fabricators in the world today. Well-known in the custom car world for his work on high-end street rods, the high standards Charley sets for himself shows in the cars he produces, and have won him national recognition, including two Ridler Awards, several Street Rod of the Year and Custom Rod of the Year awards, as well as the prestigious America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award. Charley was responsible for painting and fabricating some of the top hot rods to emerge from Boyd Codington’s shop, including the 1938 Lincoln Zephyr-“Led Zephyr”, 1930 Delahaye- “Whatthehaye”, 1965 Mustang-“Crazy Horse”, 1956Chevy-“Junk Yard Dog” and Gil Losi’s “Boydster II”. Now, you can expect to see the next generation of super rods emerging from Charley’s shop as he makes his mark on the industry. “I am very excited that we have created this hot rod and muscle car wheels alliance, we will be able to provide the art of design and cutting edge manufacturing technology””